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49th week of 2014--Wisconsin Funding Sources

Angel Autism Network

A.N.G.E.L. Inc's mission is to offer financial and emotional support to each individual child and family with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with compassionate guidance, and delivery of therapies or services of that family’s choice.

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap is a resource for families waiting for State funding, implementing uncovered treatment protocols or in immediate crisis directly related to an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Shawano County Residents will be given first consideration for available funds.

Byron Riesch Paralysis Foundation

The BRPF works within the paralysis community providing charitable grants to help make life easier for people suffering from paralysis. Equally important, the BRPF provides scholarships to individuals suffering from paralysis or families with a parent dealing with a neurological disorder.

Friends of Autism Grant Program

FOAGP is designed to support families of children and adults with autism or autism spectrum disorder by providing funding assistance for extraordinary expenses resulting from, or attributable to, autism. Financial needs associated with the safety and well-being of children with autism and proven effective treatments for autism spectrum disorder receive special emphasis in the FOAGP

Midwest Council for Children with Disabilities

MCCD provides families of disabled children the means to pursue medical treatments and therapies not covered by health insurance. Local Wisconsin office 920-207-4561

Resource Search Engines is also a wealth of information in Wisconsin.

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