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Elijah's Fundraising Goal:
 $500 for next  
iPad Grant
Raised so far: $0
RAISED TOTAL: $1193.30
Number of iPads funded by Elijah's Friends and Family:


Help Elijah reach his goal...donate by clicking the Donate Now button or mail checks to: 


The iTaalk Autism Foundation

2040 W Central Avenue

Toledo, Ohio 43606


*Totals are updated on Fridays, check back to see Elijah's progress!

Elijah is Fundraising with iTaalk!!! 

"Elijah and our family have met the goal to purchase Elijah’s iPad, thanks to the generosity of our friends and family. Elijah and I have decided to continue to help other families that may be in the same circumstances. We will be fundraising together to raise money to purchase devices for Autistic children to use at home and at school. 

We have found there are many families caught between what the insurance company will pay, what the school will buy, and what the families can afford. These devices are not used to their fullest extent because of the continuing battle over who will pay for them. They are not the most expensive equipment, and they are also not inexpensive. 

Imagine knowing that a device that can be bought at your local store can help your nonverbal child communicate? Think of knowing your child can achieve great things but since he is not a disruptive child and gets “C”’s in school, he is set aside as needing no more help, when you know a common electronic device could help in so many ways. But these devices cost money and are rarely given away (contrary to what you see in spam emails). 

This is what Elijah and I have pledged to help other families accomplish. Please consider donating.

Thank you, every little bit helps."~Elijah's mom.




About Elijah...

Elijah is 13 years old and in 7th grade.  He was diagnosed, at 8 years old with Aspergers Syndrome.  Recently, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD).  He was tested in many areas and found that his working memory, the part of his brain that holds little bit of information while you finish a task, is very low functioning.


Elijah is a very smart and creative boy.  He invents, in his mind, the most interesting gadgets that he plans to make in the future.  He wants to be an Engineer, like his Grandfather and Grandmother.  He is playful, and helpful, and has a heart of pure gold.



Elijah is permitted to have and iPad in school to assist in his learning but the school does not have any and they are not required to buy him one.  They agree that it would be very helpful for him.  He now has a netbook, donated by his Aunt and Uncle, a camera, a watch, and a PDA to work with.  Since he has trouble with a working memory, and his attention span, all these things become difficult to keep track of during the day.



If Elijah had an iPad, he could use it in many ways.  We could add organizational apps to keep him on track, this calendar, his schedule, his assignments, his chores, all in one app.  He could use Pages for writing any assignments and all word processing.  He can use the alarms to remind him to start or stop a task.  He can use the camera to photograph the board where his assignments are written, which now takes him as much as 10 minutes to write down.  He can use Siri or Dragon to dictate his writing.  He can type at 11 words per minute now but he can use typing programs to help him practice to increase his speed.  There are even apps that we have yet to discover to help him learn and even exercise his working memory in the future.  



We believe that with this device, he will be capable of overcoming his shortfalls and be the Engineer he wishes to be, instead of just getting by with the minimum learning and grades.


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